Dining Etiquette: Smoking

Smoking at the Table It is an established medical fact that smoking is a health hazard. Smoking is less tolerated in public places in the United States; However, there are still some of your customers, colleagues or providers that may still want to smoke at the table.  Only a few restaurants in some state have …

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Dining Etiquette: Drinking

Drinking Today’s society is very health conscious. In business it has become almost a norm not to drink alcoholic beverages at a luncheon meeting. Those people who refuse an alcoholic beverage, even if everyone else orders one, are no longer considered teetotalers. Whether you are a guest or a host, remember that drinking mars decision-making …

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Dining Etiquette: Table Manners

Your table manners will be under great scrutiny at a business meal. Developing proper table manners requires the right information, practice, and common sense. Impeccable table manners send a message of self-confidence and good judgment. Good table manners are the mark of a sophisticated and savvy business person, one who can ably represent the company, …

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