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Professional Dress

Enhance the image of those who will take your business to the next level.

Professional Dress Consulting & SeminarsProfessional dress is critical in business. It is more than our public skin, it is a language. The way you package yourself sends a message about you, your skills, and your organization. It takes only a few seconds to form a first impression, and more than half of that first impression is based on appearance.

Professional dress for men and women is also a critical component of your organization�s brand. Maintaining a competitive edge requires that your staff sustain a consistent visual impression with customers. Your employees are the ambassadors of your organization, and the way they are perceived determines how your organization is perceived by customers, the community, and the marketplace.

Professional Dress for Men

Keeping track of the most acceptable trends and international standards for professional dress earns you respect and provides you with a competitive edge. Executing this knowledge sends the message that you are as up-to-date in your appearance as you are in your business skills.

Our professional image consultants offer the most complete and updated information on professional dress for men, including comprehensive material about different styles, fabrics, and patterns for suits; the type of shirt and collar style that is best for you; which ties are best suited for your professional attire and your organization; how to combine colors and patterns for your wardrobe; and which accessories or finishing touches best complement or detract from your appearance. We also offer detailed checklists for maintaining your professional appearance and a clothing I.Q. quiz to test your personal knowledge on professional dress.

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Professional Dress for Women

Women's professional dress is more complex than ever.  From trends to acceptable fashion, professional dress for women has evolved over the last few decades, and keeping your appearance up-to- date projects confidence and credibility. Knowing how to choose and wear the right garments and accessories can create a positive first impression that sends a powerful message�that you mean business�to co-workers, management, and potential clients.

Our Professional Image Consultants recognize that an updated professional dress for women is an essential business tool. Therefore, we answer frequently asked questions about what is appropriate to wear for different formal and casual work environments. We include topics such as: the six occasions that call for wearing a jacket; the appropriate business suit, blouse, business dress, skirt, shoes and hose, and accessories; when and how to wear pants; and how to put your business look together. Our Professional Image Consultants have created a checklist for daily preparation, guidelines for finishing touches for your face, and a clothing I.Q. quiz to test what you really know about professional dress. 

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Professional Dress Seminars for Your Organization

Professional Dress Consulting & Seminars -Approachable PeopleOur professional image seminars provide information on internationally accepted guidelines for business dress for men and women. The sessions include topics such as the impact of appearance in business; how to look competent, credible, and approachable in today�s formal and casual business settings; and how to build a business wardrobe on a limited budget.

The professional dress seminar meets your organization's professional image needs by offering hands-on, individual recommendations for a confident and acceptable business look. Participants learn the dress codes and standards for specific industries, including hospitality, healthcare, government , and how to dress for any business occasion.

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