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Uniforms Selection Consulting

        Selecting the right uniforms for your staff is critical. . . they represent your company's image and brand.

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At Image Resource Group, our professional image consulting firm, we assist your organization to develop customized, cost-effective uniform programs consistent with your desired image and your corporate brand.

The appearance of your employees dramatically affects your corporate brand identity and influences how your organization is perceived by your customers, clients, patients, the community, your industry market, and prospective employees. Well groomed employees project a sense of confidence to the publics they serve.  They add to the overall credibility of the organization they represent.

 Selecting their uniforms is as important as selecting your decor. After all, the front line staff create the first and most lasting impressions with customers, patients and/or guests. We assist managers in selecting the appropriate colors, fabrics, styles, and accessories for uniforms that reflect the image of your property, make employees proud, and stay within your budget. Avoid nightmares for managers, complaints from employees, and expensive mistakes when choosing uniforms.

Our uniform selection process provides your organization with a competitive image advantage.  With a trained eye and clear understanding of image design, and visual communication, our image consultants help you select uniforms that effectively supports your company's image and values.  Our technical understanding, and  extensive experience in uniform selection, assures that you will receive sound advise to make the smart decisions that bring positive long lasting results for your company, employees and guests.

Our Services: 

While it is true that a comfortable and attractive uniform will not necessarily make your employees happy, it's also true that an uncomfortable and unattractive one will make your employees unhappy and this unhappiness will be reflected in their performance.

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Criteria For Uniform Selection

  • Support the organization�s total image
  • Reflect the level of professionalism of the organization
  • Blends with the style and overall theme/d�cor of the facility
  • Comply with regulatory standards
  • Appropriate for the different functions
  • Comfortable to wear: fabric � fit
  • Attractive and flattering to employees: color � styles
  • Easy to accessorize
  • Easy to maintain
  • Cost-effective

Uniform Program Steps

  • Program definition
  • Information gathering
  • Uniform sample selection: custom � semi-custom - catalog
  • Uniform selection - ordering
  • Professional dress standards
  • Education
  • Compliance � follow-up

"With Angie's help, we selected uniforms that complemented our decor and that our employees really liked. She made our job much easier..."
- Colonial Williamsburg Hotel Properties

"Image Resource Group  developed a  patient-oriented plan that allows our patients to  differentiate the caregivers by the garments colors they wear. The project included  surveys and training sessions with  our staff to gain input on their preferences on styles, colors, details, fabrics and costs to develop a custom apparel line. Each garment has the Northwestern Memorial logo on the sleeve and the employee job title embroidered on the front for ease of patient identification. This project represents the first comprehensive hospital custom uniform apparel program in the country."
Northwestern Memorial Hospital

Our Book on Uniforms Selection . . .

Best Impressions in Hospitality by Angie Michael

uniforms image consultant, best impressions in hospitality.

Includes a complete chapter with guidelines for uniforms selection




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