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Dining Etiquette Seminar

DINEtiquette App!

Finally, our interactive app, with everything you need to know about Dining Etiquette for Business. DINEtiquette gives you the tools to master dining etiquette for business in North America.  It includes nine modules containing comprehensive information on rules for a successful business dining experience.  "This is a great tool for anyone who needs to learn about dining etiquette or would like to brush up on the rules of proper dining".  For Just $2.99 get a complete course with 119 Q & A - flashcards - web links - over 100 photographs.  Buy it now!


Closing the Deal with the Right Fork

Dining etiquette is critical in business. In today�s global economy, business is increasingly conducted outside the office. Many business deals, hiring decisions, and promotions are made at the dinner table. Mastering the rules of dining etiquette gives you the confidence to concentrate on your guests, clients, or colleagues. You want to focus on the conversation instead of worrying about which fork to use.

Understanding the flow of the different courses in a meal and handling them with ease and using good manners is as important as other technical skills. Think of a dining experience as a symphony orchestra in which each piece of silverware and glassware has a function and, along with the food and people, contributes to a smooth experience that enhances a business relationship. Our Dining Etiquette Seminar will provide you and your team with the tools to dine in the business world with confidence and ease.

Dining Etiquette Seminar

This is a highly interactive and hands-on session where participants have the opportunity to learn by doing. Everything needed to conduct business with confidence at the dinner table is covered, including: host and guest duties; selecting the appropriate restaurant; where to sit; using and placing the napkin; understanding and navigating the table setting; ordering food; passing food; eating styles (American and Continental); eating difficult foods; handling challenging situations; table manners; paying the bill; tipping; and ending the meal.

The seminar includes a tutorial meal, luncheon or dinner, to enhance the learning experience.

Seminar Preview

For a preview of the seminar topics, check the list below. Topics include a summary and more than 50 photographs to illustrate the basic dining etiquette rules so you can reference each subject at a glance.



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