Clothing I.Q. Quiz for Women

How much do you know about professional dress? How much do you think you know? By taking this quick and simple I.Q. quiz, you can test your knowledge of professional appearance.

Answer each question with a "yes" or "no." If your answer is "no," then also explain why. You will find the correct answers at the end of the quiz.

The Questions

  1. Is it appropriate to wear a small geometric coral-and-black-print dress with a gray jacket and black shoes to meet with an executive of your company for an update on a project? Yes__ No__ Why?_________________

  2. Is it appropriate to wear a two-piece, belted navy suit; ivory silk camisole; bone color pumps; and medium-sized gold earrings to a meeting where you need to look powerful? Yes__ No__ Why?_________________

  3. Is it appropriate to wear a flower print silk dress with open neckline, pearl and gold earrings, and sheer hose for a regular day at the office? Yes__ No__ Why?_______________

  4. If you work at a company where business casual is the norm, is it appropriate to wear khaki pants with a red sweater set and brown flat shoes? Yes__ No__ Why?_________________

  5. If you work at a company where business casual is the norm, is it appropriate to wear black leggings with a long, white knit top and black flat sandals? Yes__ No__ Why?_____________

  6. Is it appropriate to wear a red coat dress with a print scarf and gray hose and shoes for a regular workday? Yes__ No__ Why?________________

  7. Is it appropriate to wear a turtleneck sweater with a wool tweed knee-length skirt, shoes that blend with the skirt color, and a gold pin with discreet earrings for the first meeting with a client? Yes__ No__ Why?__________________

The Answers

  1. Yes. The key piece of the outfit is the jacket. The jacket is perceived as a symbol of credibility, and it is most appropriate for important meetings. The small print of the dress is also a good choice for business. The black shoes complement the outfit.

  2. No. When wearing a dark hemline like navy, you look more professional with dark shoes; navy or black would be a better selection. The wrong combination of shoes and hose will bring too much attention to your legs. The navy suit and ivory camisole are good choices; just change the shoes.

  3. No. The outfit is too dressy for business. A silk floral dress sends conflicting images at the office since it is appropriate for social occasions only. An open neckline is not recommended either for a polished, professional look.

  4. Yes. Khaki pants and a sweater set are smart choices for a business casual outfit. The brown shoes coordinate the outfit.

  5. No. Leggings are too casual for most business environments. The knit top is appropriate; you can wear it with black pants. Flat sandals can be too casual. Review your company´┐Żs dress code policy to check if sandals are accepted. A pair of moccasins or low-heel pumps would be more appropriate for a professional look.

  6. Yes. This is a very appropriate and smart business look.

  7. No. When you meet a client for the first time, you want to wear a jacket. Keeping a jacket at the office will take care of instantly upgrading an outfit like this to a more professional look.


How did you do?


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