Knowing Your Accessories

When selecting accessories, look for simple, classic styles in medium to large sizes. Well-designed significant jewelry will create a look that is individual and distinctive. Invest in a good quality watch and avoid plastic, sport, calculators or alarm watches. Avoid dangling or too large earrings. Dangling earrings or anything that moves or makes noise creates a visual or mental noise which detracts from the eye contact. When wearing strands of pearls, stones or chains, limit the strands to three. More than three becomes too dressy for a business look. One ring per hand is enough for a polished look. Keep bracelets to a minimum. Any bracelets that move or make noise will work against your professional look. Try a single bracelet or a few fine ones together with your watch for interest.

Avoid wearing too many pieces. How many are too many? After you have put on the last accessory and think you are ready, look in a mirror and count points. The 15-point check-up before leaving for work will alert you if you have gone too far. Count each shoe, your stockings, your jacket and blouse and your skirt, if it is different from the jacket. Bright colors count two points and bright nail polish and red hair each count one point. Count all accessories including bracelets, necklaces, each earring, brooches and scarves. If the number exceeds 15, you've overdone it. Also, any time you are not sure about wearing a particular accessory, the answer is probably NO!, so leave it off.


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