The Six Occasions for Wearing a Jacket

The jacket is the female equivalent of the male suit.  A jacket is a symbol that gives the wearer with a feeling of self-confidence and sends out messages of credibility and effectiveness.

Keep Your Jacket on!

There are six occasions in which a professional woman benefits from wearing a jacket:

  1. professional dress - jacketWhen meeting a client for the first time. In business,  first impressions count. The jacket will send a clear message of professionalism. A jacket is an international symbol that means business. If during the first meeting, your client is not wearing a jacket or removes it during the meeting, you may also take off your jacket to make them feel more at ease. 

  2. When giving a presentation. In this situation a jacket says credibility and your audience--no matter if they are men or women-- tends to pay more attention to a speaker wearing a jacket. You will not see a man giving an important business presentation without his jacket.

  3. When attending meetings, especially ones in which you know men will participate.  It is a matter of space. When attending a meeting, shoulders from suits take up space, so you don't want to diminish your personal power by not wearing a jacket if everyone anyone else is. Even when attending meetings in organizations where business casual dress is accepted, if anyone in the meeting is wearing a jacket, male or female, keeping your jacket on will keep you at the same level. 

  4. When being interviewed. Whether it is a job interview, a press interview or an internal office interview, your jacket will give you a sense of confidence and credibility.

  5. When you work in an office in which clients or guests drop in unannounced. If you work in this type of office, your jacket will send a consistent message of professionalism at all times. If your office is not as visible, having a jacket available allows you to be appropriately dressed whenever you learn visitors are stopping by.

  6. When you appear in court. Chances are that the key players-- the judge, attorneys and jurors--will be wearing jackets. They will take you more seriously if your outfit is at the same level of professionalism and your jacket helps you achieve just that. A jacket could be worn over a skirt, over a dress or even over pants or city shorts. A jacket elevates the degree of dressiness and formality of an outfit. 


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