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Business Casual Seminar

A Business Casual policy can be a benefit for employees or a costly mistake for the organization..

Business casual has firmly entrenched itself into the business world.  Our business casual seminar provides  guidelines on  how business casual can be a valuable  practice in your organizations that leads to more effective communication and  higher employee morale, while keeping the professionalism and credibility  required to succeed in  today's business world.

The session is a highly visual and interactive program designed to help participants look competent, credible, and approachable in today's less formal business settings.  It includes a clear understanding of the business casual look-- how it is perceived, how it is achieved;   the four levels of business casual and their appropriateness.  how to select  appropriate clothing and accessories, and how to build a casual wardrobe on a budget. Each session is tailored to your organization�s dress code policy and  accepted guidelines for business casual attire.

Our  Business Casual seminar is an  informative and entertaining  program that produces immediate results. Topics may include:

  • Business casual:   How it is perceived - how it is achieved

  • Dressing for each occasion:  desired perception � interactions � industry � region, etc

  • The three levels of business casual: classic - smart - relaxed

  • Levels accepted in the organization

  • Appropriate dress for any occasion:  from dressy to casual

  • Business casual wardrobe planning

  • Casual Fridays (if applicable)

  • Proper fit and grooming

  • Definite "no no's" on casual dress and grooming for your organization

Our sessions are based on the book "Business Casual Made Easy" by Angie Michael, our principal image consultant.  The book includes survey results of  165 top executives opinion on inappropriate casual attire, and a complete guide for  individuals and organizations to business casual.  The book also has a full chapter on how to define business casual dress policy and how to implement it in your organization.


Clients that have experienced our Business Casual Seminars:

"The seminar has produced instantaneous improvement in the appearance of those attending." 
- DynAir Services Inc.

"The numerous sessions you conducted on Business Casual for our staff, made our dress policy affective and easy to implement"
- Goulston & Storrs

  • AT&T

  • Booz Allen & Hamilton

  • Connecticut Attorneys Title Insurance Company (CATI) 

  • Embassy Suites Hotels

  • Goulston & Storrs

  • Hershey Entertainment Complex

  • Hyatt Hotels

  • Host Marriott

  • Mid-State  Federal Credit Union (FCU)

  • NASA

  • Pulte Homes

  • Southern Management

  • Soza & Associates

  • Tech 2000

  • United Airlines

  • US Department of Navy

  • UBS Bank

  • Virginial Mason Medical Center

  • Wasaw Benefits


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