Dining Etiquette: Place Settings

Reading the Table Setting  Place settings can be confusing. What are all these plates, glasses, and utensils? Which ones are to be used and when? Improper use of dishes, glasses, and utensils can potentially damage a business relationship, which a meal is supposed to build. You want to know which utensils, glasses, and plates are …

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Dining Etiquette: Napkin

Napkin Etiquette What you do with your napkin when you remove it from the table sends messages from you and about you. It also sends messages to the server about whether you are leaving the table for good or if you are coming back. Using the napkin correctly shows confidence, good manners, and attention to …

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Dining Etiquette: Seating

Who Sits Where  Whether you are the host or a guest at a business meal, selecting the right restaurant and knowing the seating protocol are crucial for a successful business meeting. The seating arrangements are a powerful way to facilitate verbal and nonverbal communications during the meal and to make your guests comfortable. A mistake …

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